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"Zygon article"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/5/1/32
  • File
  • June 1971-18 June 1974
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises correspondence with Ralph Wendell Burhoe (Editor of Zygon, journal of Religion and Science) on discussion of "philosophical issues of physical and biological laws" in Zygon, and suggesting that Eugene Wigner, Rene Dubos and Theodosious Dobzhansky contribute. Also includes a volume of Zygon (vol. 6, no. 2, Jun 1971).


  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/3/6/49/1
  • File
  • 2 December 1971-9 May 1974
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises correspondence with Ralph Wendell Burhoe (editor) on: asking Bronowski to write for Zygon; requesting Bronowski's advice on a proposal to establish a Center for Advanced Study in the Religion and Science; and asking for his opinion on 'Problems of rationality in biology' by Henry Skolimowski which challenged Bronowski's article on 'Evolution of Complexity'.

Also includes articles by Burhoe, related reports and a list of essays that had appeared in Zygon (1966-1970).

Zhao Jue County City

This county is located to the east of Xi Chang. The county only has four houses, a single tree and nothing else.

Ysaias, Tobit, Ruth, Glosati

Glosses on Isaiah (ff. 1-116), Tobit (ff. 117-129) and Ruth (ff. 129-34); M. R. James's no. 50. Parts of two leaves from a large 13C missal are attached to the covers. The gloss on Isaiah is in a different hand from the other two and has "a good rough initial".

Young, J. Z. The Cronian Lecture, 1965

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/7/1/169
  • File
  • November 1965
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of a reprint of 'The organization of a memory system' by Young (Department of Anatomy, University College London), with an envelope listing the lecture.

Young King

Coloured drawing of the costume; notes about the costumes; and a pencil sketch of the costume with notes

Yi people's village

notice that the stones are put above the roof top to avoid strong winds blowing away wooden roof top.

Yi people

who are working on the urgent construction of Xichang airport.

Yearly Tenancies 31 and 32 Jesus Lane, 1936-1938

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/JESL/22/3/1
  • File
  • 16 December 1936 - 30 August 1938
  • Part of College Archives

(1) Notes from an Audit Meeting, 16 December 1936, concerning the terms on which No. 31 Jesus Lane could be taken on an annual tenancy.

(2) Letter from the Bursar to the Trustees of the Methodist College confirming that the lease dated 23 October 1929 had been terminated at Michaelmas 1936 and by mutual consent would continue on an annual tenancy at a rent of £105 per annum.

(3) Receipt for the sum of £52 10s 0d received from the Bursar of Jesus College for a half year's rent of 32 Jesus Lane, 15 October 1937


Contains photographs, summaries of clubs and society achievements during the year and general notes on College life during the academic year which the yearbook pertains.

"Yale University", correspondence

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/5/6/2/1
  • File
  • 29 September 1965-8 June 1966
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises correspondence with: Professor Arthur Galston and Dr Alan Garen (Department of Biology, Yale University) on Bronowski visiting Yale in 1966; and with Serge Chermayeff (Professor of Architectural Design, Yale University) inviting Bronowski to give a lecture and seminars.

Wu Po Copper Mine

The largest copper mine in Big Liang Mountain and Small Liang Mountain area. During the Tongzhi era of Qing dynasty, money was raised to mining copper here but the threaten from Yi bandits forced it to stop.

Wu Jiao Town

The first town we meet when entering Fu Bo county area, about 5 km from the county city.

Written invoice

Invoice written on a sheet of paper for £1 5s 0d for Jesus College

Dawson, Mr.


Drafts of speeches, pocket diaries and other non-academic writing.

Writing bill

Paid £4 4s to Rowe for making out the College corn rental and house rental for a year ending Michaelmas 1838. Signed by Rowe.

Rowe, Richard

Wray's Almshouses

Plan showing cottages, frontage and dimensions. Accompanies particulars of lease: JCAD/3/CAM/KING/45/3/1877

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