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A. D., possibly Allen Dominy

  • Person
  • 1749-1820

Allen Dominy registered his first mark in 1789 and his second mark in 1790. He accepted William Brown Jr as an apprentice 20 June 1796 while at Brook Street in Holborn.

A. H. Baldwin & Sons

  • Corporate body
  • 1872 - present

Founded by Albert Henry Baldwin in 1872, incorporated as a private limited company in 1920, and still existing today. A H Baldwin was joined by his son Percy in 1901 at their first shop in London and later by his other two sons Fred and Roy. When the business outgrew the capacity of their store fronts, A H Baldwin & Sons (also known as Baldwin's) migrated to the locations indicated under 'places'. A H Baldwin & Sons remains a dominant trader and dealer of historic coins, medals, tokens, books and banknotes.

A. Simper

  • Corporate body
  • 1927

The last dated receipt is from 1927.

A. W. Crisp & Co

  • Corporate body

Business label on the back of a painted shield reads:

'A. W. Crisp & Co. Heraldic Artists, ecclesiastical, civil, private, and school. Arms to order. Also naval and regimental badges'.

Ace, Henry

  • GB 2703 001132
  • Person

Ace, Roger

  • GB 2703 001131
  • Person
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