The historic collections held at Jesus College contain a wide variety of records, manuscripts, artwork and objects, illustrative of the College's history from 1496 to the present day.

The College Archives contain documents which represent the development and growth of the College from its foundation to the present day and include records relating to the administration, benefactions, finances, property and estates. These same documents also shed light on the people, property and occupations of Cambridge and the surrounding area. Documents relating to students, the academic and social side of College life are also cared for by the Archives as are the personal papers of alumni and individuals connected to the College that have been deposited. In addition some property deeds and financial records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund, the nunnery that existed on the site of the College prior to its foundation, are also held.

The College's Works of Art collection contains a diverse range of artworks from many different periods and in various mediums.

The College's Silver collection covers a wide period, including some rare examples of 15th and 16th century craftsmanship.

The College's Old Library contains a fine collection of medieval and later manuscripts and a small collection of oriental manuscripts.

Cataloguing the collections is an ongoing process, with items of various ages and types being added to the catalogue on a regular basis, so please check back regularly.

Enquiries and requests for research visits should be made to the relevant person as follows:

For enquiries concerning the College Archives, researchers should contact Dr Rob Payne, Archivist, at archives@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

For enquiries about members of the College from recent years, researchers should contact the Development Office at development@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

For enquiries concerning College Works of Art, researchers should contact Dr. Jessica Berenbeim, Curator of the Works of Art.

For enquiries concerning College Silver, researchers should contact Prof. Duncan Kelly, Keeper of the Plate.

For enquiries concerning manuscripts held in the College's Old Library, researchers should contact Dr. Michael Edwards, Keeper of the Old Library at old-library@jesus.cam.ac.uk

E-mail enquiries are preferred, although postal enquiries can be sent to the relevant person at Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL.

Members of the public with legitimate research interests, as well as College and University members, students and staff, are welcome to consult the collection.

Although the College is open to the public, almost none of the items listed in the catalogue are on public display, with the exception of the permanent sculpture collection. Researchers are therefore asked to make contact with the relevant College contact as far in advance of their intended research visit as possible so that the relevant arrangements can be made to provide access to items or documents.

Researchers are reminded that availability of visiting times vary depending upon working hours, term time and other commitments, so please contact us to make an appointment as far in advance as possible.

Photography of documents and items is permitted for non-commercial research, but a form needs to be completed to allow this.

Photography for the purpose of publication can be arranged on request. A permission form and associated fee will need to be submitted depending on the nature of the publication.