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Feoffment to uses

Establishes an annual rent of 40s. to be paid out of the manor of Chickney, Essex, during the life of Dame Agnes Banastre, nun of St Radegund's, Cambridge. Attached seals of five of the seven feoffors survive.

Grant of Rent Charge in Exchange for Land

Alice, daughter of Jordan, to Gilbert, her nephew and heir, clerk, the annual rent of 8d, which Godefrid Claud owes her for the land lying between land of Albert and land of Azo, mercer, in the town of Ely, in the parish of St Mary, and which she sold to the said Godfrid. Consideration: 3 butts of land in Prestmedue (Priest medow). Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) Baldwin, vicar of St Mary's, Sir Everard, priest, Sir Droco, priest, William, son of Elias, Solomon, goldsmith, Richard, mercer (mercator), Richard de Monasterio, Robert, porter, et multis aliis.

Alice, daughter of Jordan

Grant of Rent in Free Alms with Warranty

Gilbert, priest, of Ely, for the sake of his soul and the souls of his ancestors grants to the monastery of St Mary and St Radegund of Cambridge an annual rent of 3s 2d, viz: from Stephen Marshall (1s 2d) out of a certain messuage in St Mary's parish; from Robert __schales 6d, from a messuage of the same fee in the same parish; from God(frey) Baker (bercarius) 16d for a messuage in the same fee; from Hugh, son of Wauclin, 6d for a messuage of the same fee. Witnesses: Baldwin, priest, vicar of St Mary's, Drogo, priest, Richard, priest, Elias, servant (or serjeant), Richard of Swaveton, clerk, Peter, clerk, Martin, clerk, et multis aliis.

Gilbert of Ely, priest

Gift with warranty (indenture)

Prioress Letitia and the nuns to William Champeneys of Stanton for his homage and services 10 acres of land, which Avice Bacun gave them for the use of the infirmary, viz.: the croft of Felice, which lies between the lands of William, son of Austin, and croft of Simon, son of Herbert. Also 4 selions under Hel', between the land of Sir William de Cheney and the land formerly of Richard de Evesham. Also 6 selions abutting on the boundry of Hokiton, between land held by William Cole and land formerly of Richard Evesham. Also 4 selions under Michelhowe, between the land of Robert Kyng and that of Richard Levesson. Also 1 acre formerly belonging to Constance, daughter of William Chaplain, lying between the land of Lady Avice de Stanton and the land held by William Sygar in Medwedich. Also 4 selions in Oxemedwe, between land of Richard Guve and land of Henry Grene. Also 2 selions abutting on Wivrlingemere, lying between land of Sir William de Cheney and land of William Bolle. Also 4 selions at Windelond, between land of Simon, son of Seberg, and land of Stranton Church. Also 3 selions at Hawey between land of William Cole and land of Robert, son of William, reeve of the Berewe (Bury?). Rent: to the infirmary 1 mark. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) Henry de Nafford; Sir Philip de Stanton, Henry de Colne, sheriff, Henry de Colevile, Sir Herbert, parson of Stanton, John de Oure, Werric de Kam, Adam, son of Eustace of Cambridge, Eustace, son of Hervey, Robert Seman, William Pilate, Anger Russ (Ruffus) et aliis.

Letitia (fl 1213-1230) Prioress of St Radegund

Gift with warranty (indenture)

Prioress Letitia to Henry . . . land which Mabel (Mabilla), sister of Jonate, gave to the nunnery, lying between land of Baldewin Blancgernon and land of Athelard le Chanus . . . Rent: 20d; gersuma: 1 mark. Witnesses: Baldewin Blancgernon, William , (?)Ogar , Reginald, son of Alfred, John, his son, Robert Seman, Geoffrey (several illegible), Henry Milc, Stephan, son of Selid, Reginald Godso, John, son of Hervey (?), Hervey, ___, (?)Richard, son of Elias, Roger Parleben, et multis aliis.

Letitia (fl 1213-1230) Prioress of St Radegund

Lease (counterpart)

  • JCMR/Add./Add. Deeds 1-83/Add. Deeds 1-16, 27/Add. Deeds 27
  • Item
  • 20 May 1486 ("Dat' Cant' in domo nostro Capitular (?) xxmo die May Anno Regni Regis Henrici septimi post conquestum Anglie primo".)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Prioress (Joan) Chambryg and the nuns to Giles Motte of Whaddon 3 roods of land in Whaddon between land of Master (magister) John More, esq., on the north side, and land formerly of Edward Chapman, now of Giles Motte, on the south side, abutting on the King's highway and on Rygway (Ridgeway). Term: 31 years; rent: 2s.

Cambridge, Joan (fl 1483-1487) Prioress of St Radegund

Grant in free alms with warranty

Reginald, son of Henry de Trumpington, to nuns of St Mary and St Radegund of Cambridge with his daughter Margaret, a rent of 2s due to him from Thomas of Trumpington for 9 acres of land which Thomas holds of him. Thomas is to do the services due to the King for the said 9 acres. Witnesses: Henry de Orewell, William de Trumpington, Everard, his son, Ralph de Cailly, Simon, his son, William de Orewell, Robert, his son, Richard le Francies, William, his son, Robert le Vavasur, Roger de Herbeton, Alberic de Ca(p?)eles, Albin de Orewell, Ralph(?) de Trumpington, Master (Magister) Peter, medic (?), Fulk Crocheman.

de Caily of Trumpington,

Gift with warranty

Alan de Culling of Hinton to John Godson of Cambridge and his wife, Avice, for their homage and services, 1 acre of land in Trumpington field, which is called Kneton and is lying between the land formerly of William Denerus and land formerly of Walter Amgenhale. Rent: 1 penny; consideration 30s. Witnesses: Simon de Cayly, John Arnold, William de la Grave, Henry Martin, Roger de Cauz, John de Cauz, Joce Hargar, John Ernis, Thomas Payn de Trumpington and John Scribe of Cambridge, et aliis.

Culling, Alan de

Gift with warranty

Ingeleys, widow of Peter le Bof, to Hervey le Messager 3 acres in Batailles croft in town of Wratting, lying between the land of William Bux and the road. Free of all services to the donor, but charged with scutage of 20s 1d to the King, more or less. Rent: 8d. Gersuma: 16s. Witnesses: Geoffrey Fluri, William, his son, Philip Rikespand, William de Oxecroft, John Rangeill, William, his son, William de Bossco, Ralph Bruning, Alan de Blund et multis aliis.

Bof, Ingeleis le

Gift with warranty

Basilia Raggedal' to her maid Amicia, for her homage and services, 1 acre of land in Wratting, lying above the ditch of the croft belonging to John de Walepol, between the land of St Radegund and that of William Rewold. Rent: a pair of gloves. Right to assign the land except to a house of religion. Witnesses: William Flury, Philip Rikespaud, William de Oxecroft, Richard Sewal, Roger Ace, Mathew de Shelford et multis aliis.

Ragedale, Basilia

Grant in free alms with warranty

Alan de Weston with the consent of his wife Alice and his heirs, to the nuns of St Radegund for the remission of sins 3 roods of land in Weston fields, lying between the land of John, son of Peter, and that of Amfram Physician (Medic),; also 1/2 acre between the land of the said John and that of William Underwood. Witnesses: Philip Rikespaud, Geoffrey Fluri, William de Oxecroft, John Raugilun, William Robertot, Alan Smith (Faber), Walter Rewold, Ralph Bruning, Gilbert Drien, Richard Sewal et aliis.

Weston, Alan

Lease (indenture)

  • JCMR/Add./Add. Deeds 1-83/Add. Deeds 28-50/Add. Deeds 49
  • Item
  • 29 September 1366 ("Dat' apud Cant' die Mart' in festo sancti Michaelis Anno regni Regis Edward tercii a conquest' quadragesimo".)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Margaret Clavyle, prioress, and the nuns of St Radegund to Thomas Trayveyl of West Wratting, all their manor of West Wratting, Weston and Benhale, with a hall containing two chambers, one at each end, and the lands, pastures etc., the rents, wardships, escheats, liberty of fold etc. term: for life; rent: first 2 years £2 13s 4d, thereafter £3 6s 0d. Covenant: lessee to pay 3s per annum to the Crown, to do all necessary repairs before July 10th 1367, to rebuild in case of destruction by fire. Witnesses: William Sherwood, Stephen Moriz, sen., Richard Fouke et aliis.

Clavyle, Margaret (fl 1363-1378) Prioress of St Radegund

Confirmation with warranty

John de Goiz to Adam de Litlington, chaplain, confirms the gift of 14 acres in the fields of Bassingburn, made to the said Adam by Mary de Bassingburn, widow, to be held of the said John de Goiz and his heirs. Rent: 4d saving services to the king; consideration: 1/2 mark. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) Ralph, son of Fulk, Sir Hugh Grandin, Henry de Colne, sheriff of Cambridge, William Russ (Ruffus) de Clopton, William de Comberton, William clerk, Geoffrey, son of Baldrich, Walter, son of Jacob, William Wulvrich, Thomas clerk, William Wardeben et aliis.

Goiz, John de

Grant of rent with warranty

Alexander le Moyne to the church of St Mary and St Radegund for the salvation of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, 12d of annual rent, due from the nuns for lands of him in Litlington. The nuns thereafter to hold their land in free alms. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) Roger de Huntingsfield, Sir Peter de Danelie, William Traylli (or Caylli), William, clerk of Litlington, John, his brother, Richard de Boclekesham, Alan, son of William, Robert de Sugeres (or Fugeres), Hugh, son of Bruce, William Sali et multis aliis.

Le Moyne family


Rose le Moyne, widow of Alexander, to the nuns all her rights of dower in 12 acres of arable land and 12d annual rent in Litlington, that she claimed before the Royal Justiciar at Westminster. Consideration: 1 mark. Witnesses: Master (Magister) Nicholas de Merston, official of Huntingdon, Dean of Huntingdon, Ciprian de ___, (one missing), Thomas de Crempesham, George de Crempesham, Peter deWanet', clerk, who wrote the charter.

Moine, Rosia le

Terrar of the nuns' land in Litlington

Description of 37 acres 1/2 rood owned by St Radegund Priory in Litlington. Boundaries are given with the names of owners of adjoining lands: the names of the nuns' tenants are written between the lines. There seem to be four tenants: Gibbes, Foster, Roke and Howkyn.

Radegund, Nuns of St

Gift with warranty

Helewissa de Witsunit to her daughter Matilda (Maud), in free marriage, half of a messuage in Little Habiton (Abington); lands, services, meadows, pasture, feedings, etc., homage and services of Gilbert de Clii, Geoffrey at church (ad ecclesiam), William de Bret, Ralph, son of Hamelin. To be held by the service of 1 part of 1 knight's fee. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) Peter de Tani, Sir Geoffrey de Schalaris (Scales), Sir Ralph de Bonis', William, son of Hamelin, Nicholas Travaile, Walter Travaile, Robert cum terra, John, son of Richard, Roger clerk of Habitone (Abington) et multis aliis.

Witsunit, Helewissa de

Lease (indenture)

  • JCMR/Add./Add. Deeds 1-83/Add. Deeds 63-70/Add. Deeds 65
  • Item
  • 29 September 1434 ("Dat' apud' Cantebr' in festo sancti Michaelis Archangelis Anno Regni Regis Henrici Sexti post conquestum Anglie terciodecimo".)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Agnes Seyntclowe, prioress of St Radegund, to Simon Thurgor of Abi(ng)ton, land in pastures, meadows, feedings etc., and a quit rent of 8 lb of cummin from the tenement formerly of Robert Pogeys. Term: 20 years. Rent: 40s. Lessee covenants: to pay all outgoings; to do all repairs; to manure, to sow corn in season, not to make any changes or allow any to be made; not to underlet. Nuns can enter and distrain if rent not paid within 3 days when it is due. Witnesses: John Knapton, mayor of Cambridge, Richard Wythe, William Spencer, bailiff, et aliis.

Seyntelowe, Agnes (fl 1415-1457) Prioress of St Radegund


Acelina de Caxton and Rois (Rose), her daughter, to Sir (Dominus) Eun, chaplain of Caxton, all rights which they have in a messuage which James, smith (Jacobus Faber), holds of them in Caxton. Rent: 12d to the church of St Radegund of Cambridge, which rent together with another rent of 12d they gave to the house of St Radegund in free alms. Gersuma: 5s. Witnesses: Master (Magister) Gentilius, parson of Caxton, Johele, clerk, Robert, son of Godiwa, Edmund de Caxton, Simon de Brunne, Geoffrey, reeve, Henry Newman (Novus hominus) et multis aliis.

Caxton, Acelina

Gift with warranty

Agnes, widow of Nicholas le Moyne of Shelford to her son Nicholas 4 acres and 3 roods of land and 1/2 acre of meadow in Shelford that she had from William de Cumper (Compere). 2 roods lie next to William's courtyard, between his house and the house of Hugh Viellator, abutting on the road; 5 roods lie outside the court in a croft (74); 1 acre lies at the road to Evershowe, next land of John Will; 1 acre abuts on Port way at land of John le Moyne; 1 acre at Chaplet, lying next land of the said John; 1/2 acre meadow lies next meadow of the Bishop of Ely, at the entry ro Rademadwe (73). Rent: 2s. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) John le Moyne, John de Shelford, John de Marinis, John Brond, Robert Trussehare, William Luverade, Stephan Clerk et multis aliis.

Le Moyne family

Gift with warranty

Bartholomew Trussehare of Shelford to Nicholas le Moyne of Shelford for his services 4 acres of land and 1 acre of meadow in Shelford, viz.: 2 acres lying between the land of Sir Parson (of Shelford) and the land of William Selvestre and abutting on land of William Semer and Gilbert Crisp. 2 acres under Grenehow abutting on land of the Bishop (of Ely) and land of Sir John le Moyne; 1/2 acre of meadow lying at Portmelne between meadowland of the Bishop (of Ely) and land of Andrew Brond; 1/2 acre of meadow at Aldework between land of the Bishop (of Ely) and land of Andrew Brond, with liberty of fold as his ancestors had. Rent: 3d; gersuma: 6 marks and 12d. Witnesses: Sir (Dominus) John le Moyne, Master (Magister) Adam de Shelford, John, son of John le Moyne de Shelford, John de Kayly de Trumpington, Henry de Henechech, Henry de Kayly de Trumpington, Richard Haregar, Andrew Brond, John Godefrey, Leo Dunning, William Lunell et aliis.

Trussehare, Bartholomew

Confirmation of grant by Eustace, Bishop of Ely

John confirms the grant of his predecessor Eustace, Bishop of Ely (1198-1220) to the nuns of St Mary and St Radegund all of his land between the nunnery and 'Grenecroft'. The benefactor had seen the original charter of Eustace in the nuns' possession. Witnesses: Thomas de Heyden: (Heydon?), Magister Robert de Iwareby (Ewerby), Magister G. Grim (?), Simon de Insul[a] (of the Isle [of Ely]), Warin de Saham (Soham?), Richard de Chewelle (knight, tenant at Hatfield, Herts. - Miller, p. 194), Mattheus [Cristien] Senesc[hal] Elien[sis] (Matthew Christien, John de Fountains' steward), Henry Dunning[ton?] (Donnington) Et Multis Aliis

Fontibus, John de

Confirmation of charter Gray 7a

Hugh Bishop Ely confirms the grant made by Eustace, Bishop of Ely (1198-1220) to the nuns of St Mary and St Radegund of all his land between the nunnery and Grenecroft, as confirmed [in charter Gray 7a] by his predecessor John de Fontibus, Bishop of Ely (1220-1225). Witnesses: Magister Nicholas Archdeacon of Ely, Magister John de Luttrewath official, Magister Adam Linton, Dn. (Sir) William de Wedling[ham], Dn. Robert de Hecham (Haugham, Lincs.; Heacham; Heigham (Norf.) ?), Dn. Henry de Noewyc (Norwich) et multis aliis

Northwold, Hugh (d 1254) Bishop of Ely

Inspeximus charter of Edward II

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 1-10/8
  • Item
  • 15 Oct. 1313 (Dated 'apud Westm. quintodecimo die Octobr. Anno regni nosti septimo. Per ipsum regem. (verso) Examinatum per A[dam] de Brom'.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Recites and confirms previous royal and episcopal charters including charters Gray 2a, 3a, 3b; a grant by King Henry III (dated 17 April 1251), and a confirmation by the convent of Ely of the first charter of Bishop Nigel (1) and a number of other minor grants. Written at Westminster "by the King himself"; checked by Adam de Brome, witnessed by S[imon of Ghent] Sar[um] (Bishop of Salisbury); J[ohn de Langton] Cicestren[sis]: (Bishop of Chichester); J[ohn de Drokensford] Bathon[sis] & Wellen[sis] Epis[copus] (Bishop of Bath and Wells); Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gluocester and Hereford; John de Brittania (of Brittany), Earl of Richmond; Hugh le Despenser; Robertus fil[ius] Pasani (FitzPain or FitzPayne) & aliis.

Edward II (1284-1327) King of England

Licence of Mortmain of Henry VI

Generally empowers the Nuns to acquire lands to the annual value of £5; also exempts them from the requisitions of purveyors ('provisores, emptores seu captores') for the King and Queen and their successors and other magnates. Written at Westminster, witnessed by the King himself.

Henry VI (1421-1471) King of England

Grant of rent in free alms

Richard Wastinel addresses all his friends, French and English, and grants to the nuns in free alms a rent of 2 pence (duos nummos) of the service of Everad de Batford. No witnesses.

Wastinel, Richard

Grant of rent in free alms

William, son of Robert fitz Walter gives to nuns a rent of half a mark (6s 8d) for his soul and the soul of his wife Margaret. Witnesses: Seher de Quinci, William Bardulf, William son of Rocelin, William de Blunville, Robert son of Rocelin, John the clerk, Gilbert son of Dunning, Gerard de Wechesham, Milon de Riveshal

Robert, William son of

Counterpart of gift with warranty

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/25
  • Item
  • 1200-1230 (Letitia was Prioress at the time of Bishop Eustace's composition respecting All Saints; Church and St John's Hospital, which was not later than 1213; she occurs in Pedes Finium, 1228 (Gray, p. 30).)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Richard de Histon, chaplain, receives of Prioress Letitia of the Nunnery of St Radegund a portion of their land in Tornechroft next that of Roger Carter. Rent: 2s and 2 capons. Witnesses: Hervey son of Eustace, Robert Seman, Adam son of Eustace, Walter Corde, Geoffrey son of Ralph, Ralph son of Hervey, Thomas son of Joachim, Nicholas Sarant, Walter de Lindsey, Geoffrey Cook, Roger Careter et multis aliis.

Histon, Richard de

Grant of services

Rannulf, son of Robert de Gosebrekirg to the nuns of St Radegund in free alms the services of Odo and Ivette, his wife, for a tenement formerly held by Ascer, father of the said Ivette, from the father of the donor, the tenement being situate at Hippighil. Rent: in lieu of service 12d on St Botolph's day. Witnesses: William Pera, John de Ria, Philip and Gilbert, his brothers, Peter, clerk, Hugh, chaplain, William, his brother, William Burger, Walter Cobinot, Maurice, Hugo and Hamo, his sons, Geoffrey de Digebi, Roger, clerk, John Bude et multis aliis.

Gosebrekirg, Rannulf son of Robert de

Grant and Quitclaim

John, son of John Baudewin de Swafham, Prior of Ely, to the Nuns all claims to the land which Martin, son of Hugh de Swafham, held of Prioress Letitia for his homage and services and 2s per annum rent, the said land lying between the highway and the Nuns' land, abutting on a croft of the Prior of Barnwell and the messuage of Matilda at Gate (ad portam). The nuns to remit to the said John 30s. arrears of rent. Witnesses: John Martin, Mayor of Cambridge, Henry Toillet, Henry Nadon, John de Eilesham, Robert Wymund, Simon at Water (ad Aquum), John Portehors, Richard de Bodekesham, Philip Rikespaud, Robert de Oviton (Ovyngton?), chaplain, et multis aliis.

John, son of John Baldwin de Swafham

Gift with warranty (damaged)

Agnes de Norfolk (de Norfolchia) to Geoffrey son of Hubert a messuage formerly belonging to Nicholas Sarant, in the suburbs of Cambridge, lying between a messuage of Reginald Mason (cementarius) and one of William Carpenter, of Wimondham. Rent: 8s 1/2d, gersuma: 12 marks. Witnesses: de St Edmunds, Thomas Toylet, Michael Bernard, William de Cackeston, chaplain, Walter de St Radegund, Adam Carpenter, Stephen , Richard, chaplain of St Radegund, Roger de Herdwyc, Richard Fykeys et aliis.

Norfolk, Agnes de

Gift with warranty

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/55
  • Item
  • 13 February? 1285 (Acc; die m[er]curi[i] (die) be[atae] (Ermenhild?) virg[in]is. Anno Regni Regis Edward Q[uat]rodecimo. Et anno D[o]m[ini] mo (c)c Octogesimo Quinto)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Maud, daughter of Michael de Wyttlesford, to Henry Martyn, of Wllyngham (sic), clerk in Cambridge, and Alice le Longe Locci (Longleat?), his wife, land in the suburbs of Cambridge, between the land of Richard Mareschal on the west and the land of Warin le Latimer on the East, abutting on the Nuns' croft to the north, which land was formerly held by Clement, son of Joseph Cuttyng of Edywethorp (Edingthorp) from Agnes de Norfolk. Rent: 2s, gersuma: 40s. Witnesses: John Buth, Mayor of Cambridge, John Portehors, Michael Pylat, Richard Bateman, junior, John Gerunde, bailiffs, Richard Crocheman, Hervey Pylat, Roger Pupelat, Roger le Redere, Thomas, clerk of St Radegund, Thomas de Wynepol, clerk, et aliis.

Wyttlesford, Maud de

Gift in free alms (fragmentary)

William Sueteye to the nuns the moiety of a messuage between the messuage of Geoffrey Cook (Galfridus Cocus) and the messuage of Robert de Coggeshale, with the moiety of a croft extending from the said messuage to Drusemere. Covenant: nuns are to provide a lamp before the crucifix in the chapel of St Radegund; nuns are to receive 1/2 mark for a pittance on his anniversary. Witnesses: William Tuylet, William Pilate; others missing.

Sueteye, William

Release and quitclaim (damaged)

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/59c
  • Item
  • 12 October 1370 (Dat apud Cantebr' die sabbati p[ro]x[ima] post festu[m]sancti Dyon[icii] (Anno regni Regis Edwardi) tercii post conquestum quadragesimo quarto.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Alice Revede, widow of Thomas Revede, and John Revede, her son, to John Pilet of Cambridge, their life interest in a tenement in Radegund's Lane, lying between a tenement of the nuns on the east and the garden of the Friars Minor and another tenement of the nuns on the west. Witnesses: John Morice, William Horwode, ___ Morice, John Giboun, Mayor of Cambridge, Richard Fowk et aliis.

Revede, Alice

Gift with warranty (counterpart of indenture)

Prioress Milisentia and the nuns to Adam, son of Hubert Carpenter, for homage and service, land in the suburbs between the land of Matilda, daughter of Helewis, and the nuns' land, 3 roods to 5 roods and 10 feet. Rent: 3s (to be paid 18d on Hokeday and 18d on St Michael day). Witnesses: Sir Robert de St Edmund, Michael Bernard, Michael Malherbe, ___, Walter le Porter, William Svetege, Hugh de Ragenhille, Stephan Carpenter, Richard clerk et aliis 'who serve the Lord King'.

Milisentia (d c 1250) Prioress of St Radegund

Gift in free marriage (fragmentary)

Ralph de Wendeye, chaplain and vicar of St Clement's to Roysia, daughter of Letitia de Wendeye, his niece, his moiety of a messuage with houses built upon it that he shares with the said Letitia by the feoffment of ___ lying between the messuage of Stephen le Tyrtener and William le Gome. In default of heirs from the said marriage, the property to revert to the next heirs of the aforesaid Letitia. Witnesses: Eudo Clerk, Mayor of Cambridge, Simon Refham, Robert Dunnyng, Roger le Redere, William le Gom et aliis multis.

Wendeye, Ralph de

Gift with warranty

Roysia de Wendeyne, daughter of Letitia de Wendeye, with the consent of her husband, John Styward de Trippelowe, to Walter le Goom, the messuage that she had by feoffment of Ralph de Wendeye in St Radegund's Lane, next the messuage of the said William le Goom and a messuage formerly of Stephen le Terteyner. Witnesses: John Pittok, Mayor of Cambridge, John Morice, William de Lolleworth, Robert Dunnyng, Robert Tuillet, Richard Tuilett et aliis.

Wendeye, Roysia de


  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/72
  • Item
  • 9 June 1363 ('Dat' ap[u]d Cantebr' die ven[er] p[ro]x[ima] an[te] f[estu]m s[an]c[t]i Barnabe ap[osto]li Anno rr Edwardi t[er]cii p[ost] conquest[um] Tricesimo septimo')
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Prioress Margery (Margaret) Clavyle and the nuns to Thomas de Badburiham, cordwainer, a messuage with 5 cottages and a garden between the messuage of William Masoun and the King's Ditch, abutting on the highway and the nuns' croft. Term: 60 years from Michaelmas; rent: 6s. Witnesses: John Morice, Mayor of Cambridge, William Horwod, Eudo de Refham, William Couper, William Masoun et aliis.

Clavyle, Margaret (fl 1363-1378) Prioress of St Radegund


  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/73b
  • Item
  • 30 May 1390 (Dat' Cantebr' die Lune in Crastino S[an]c[t]e Trinitatis Anno regni Regis Ricardi s[e]c[un]di post conquestu[m] t[er]ciodecimo.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Roger de Barwe, burgess of Cambridge, to William Rolf, of Ixnyng, and William de Relinton, chaplains, and John Burling of Henham, clerk, the above messuage (73a) lying between the tenement of the Nuns and Sarants croft, abutting on the highway. Witnesses: Richard Maisterman, Mayor of Cambridge, John Brigham, Simon Cardemaker, John Gaynesford, John Pole of Cambridge et aliis.

Barwe, Roger de


  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 22...29, 50-78/77a*
  • Item
  • 22 April 1481 ('Dat' Cantebr' in festo Pasche. Anno d[omi]ni mil[es]imo CCCo lxxxio et Anno regni Regis Edwardi quarti post conq[uestu]m vicesimo primo')
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Simon Grene, Master of Corpus Christi College, to John Croft, a plot with gardens and lodgings built upon it between the house of St Radegund and a tenement held by the Prioress of the College. Term: 99 years; rent: 4s. Witnesses: John Erlyche, Mayor of Cambridge, William Ward, William Smyth, William Waleys and Thomas Ardelton, bailiffs, et aliis.

Grene, Simon

Counterpart Lease (indenture)

Prioress Joan Fulbourn and the nuns to John Marchall and Laurence Elverede a garden and a dove house in St Radegund parish, lying between the house of the Friars Minor to the west and a tenement of the nuns to the east, abutting on the highway to the north and to the south partly on a stone wall of the Friars Minor, 21 1/2 yards long, and partly on the Nuns' close in the tenure of William Pechard. Term: 30 years. Rent: 10s. Witnesses: John Hesewell, Mayor of Cambridge, John Smyth, Thomas Pomell, John Manfeld and John Rays, bailiffs, et multis aliis.

Fulbourn, Joan (fl 1487-1491) Prioress of St Radegund

Gift with warranty

John Cullingg and Joan, his wife, to Reginald Ledbeter de Ely, burgess of Cambridge, and Joan his wife (32a), 3 selions in Swinescroft, at the end of the town of Cambridge, 2 selions lying between the land of the nuns and Robert de Cumberton and abutting on the highway, and 1 selion lying between the land of Robert de Cumberton (32a) and a garden of Geoffrey Smith and tenement of Richard Lucas, on Hadestok Way. Witnesses: Symon de Refham, Mayor of Cambridge, John Morrise, John Pawe, Alan de Badbur[g]ham, William Carbonel et aliis.

John and Joan Cullingg

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