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Bill for stationary

Paid 9 pounds 1 shilling and 9 pence to Deighton, Bell & Co, Booksellers to H. R. H. the Chancellor of the University and agents to the University. Ream demy, quire blotting, ink, pens.

Deighton, Bell & Co.

Bill for Thatching Work at Hundon

1832 bill for thatching done at Hundon on the premises of Jesus College byt the order of Mr Cuthbert, done by George Rogers. Includes payment of Rogers and labourers, mending the building at the home farm, allowance for beer, 10 bunches of springels and bunch, 4 pounds of ropeyarn, 3 bunches of springels and bunch. Total of £1 16s 7d. Noted as paid January 1st.

Rogers, George

Bill for Work on Hundon Rectory Farm

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/74
  • Item
  • 20th June 1832 - 5th July 1832
  • Part of College Archives

Bill from H. Cuthbert to John Howes for work done to Parsand's Farm for the use [?] of the landred for days June 20, July 3 and July 5 1832. Includes allowance for beer, bars of lime, bars of hair, bricks of earth, ails. Total of £1 5s 10d. Settled Februar 26 1833, signed by John Howes.

Cuthbert, H.

Bill Related to the Prosecution of William Groom

£23 18s 2d for costs relating to the prosecution of William Groom alias Connor for robbing Mr. Yule's room and his subsequent transportation to Van Diemen's Land.

Names of witnesses include Mr Yule, Hindell, Payne (the town gaoler), Mrs. Holliday, Turner (the College bricklayer) and his labourer and Radford (the College rat catcher).

Pemberton Fiske and Hayward

Bill to the Butler (Audit)

Paid £1 16s 6d to the Butler for> 2 bottles of madeira, 2 bottles of sherry, 3 bottles of port, sizings, tea and coffee for seven.
Signed by Thomas (?) Prior on behalf of his father Beaumont Prior.

Prior, Thomas

Bill to the Butler Rustat's Audit

Paid £3 7s 6d to the Butler for Commencement: 3 bottles of madeira, 4 bottles of sherry, 6 bottles of Parlour Port.For the Cook 1 bottle port. For the pensioners: 1 bottle of port, 1 bottle of sherry, tea and coffee for eleven. Sizings, lemons, sugar, candles.
Signed by (J. or T?) Prior on behalf of his father (Beaumont Prior).

Prior, Thomas

Bill to the Chimney Sweeper

Paid £0 6s 8d tothe chimney sweeper for one year's sweeping college, kitchen chimney and hall chimney.
Signed by William Press.

Press, William

Bill to the chimney sweeper

Paid £0 7s 8d to the chimney sweeper for one year's sweeping the kitchen chimney and Hall.
Signed by William Press.

Press, William

Black King

Played by Geoff Bagaley. Coloured drawing of the costume; the actor's measurements and notes about the costume; and a pencil sketch of the costume with notes and a yellow fabric swatch

Black Morgan

13½ x 8. Published by Vincent Brookes, Day & Son.

Hayes, W. B.

Boat Club vs Roosters Cricket Teams

Black and white photograph showing the Boat Club and Roosters cricket teams that apparently played each other in 1927. Photograph taken outside Jesus College cricket pavilion.


Parties: (1) Jesus College, (2) Nathaniel Holliday. To keep covenants


Butchered cattle proximal radius and ulna; long bone from an immature bird

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