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1 Salisbury Villas

  • File
  • 19 October 1937 - 20 May 1943
  • Part of College Archives

Includes correspondence regarding: the lease of the property to children of the Basque region of Spain who were made orphans by the Spanish Civil War; attempts to find new tenants which proved difficult due the noise from the railway and the internal layout of the building; a schedule of dilapidations dated December 1939; negotiations with HM Office of Works over the amount to be spent on repairs and redecoration prior to agreement of a lease; terms of the lease; permission requested for the erection of Air Raid Shelters in the garden (permission was granted but the College refused to contribute financially); and repairs to glass broken when a bomb exploded near Queen Anne's Terrance

1 Salisbury Villas

  • File
  • March 1935 - December 1939
  • Part of College Archives

Contains the following schedules of dilapidations:

  1. Specification of dilapidations at No. 1 Salisbury Villas, occupied by the late Dr T. A. Walker, dated March 1935. 2 copies

  2. Schedule of defects to the interior of No. 1 Salisbury Villas, 23rd December 1937

  3. Schedule of dilapidations complying with the Repairing Agreement of Lease dated 12th January 1938. 2 copies

10.5 inch tape recording of 'The Logic of the Mind'

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/13/6/2/1
  • File
  • 29 December 1965
  • Part of Personal Papers

Contains an audio recording (53 minutes and 45 seconds long) of "J Bronowski speaking in Berkeley December 29, 1965 before the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Society of the Sigma Xi and The United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa".

126, 128 and 130 Tenison Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/TENR/1/2/1
  • File
  • 22nd August 1931 - 14th December 1945
  • Part of College Archives

A series of five letters from Francis & Co regarding negotiations about granting a Licence to Universal Garden Supplies Ltd, [potential purchasers] to carry out "the trade or business of seedsman, horticure sundries, warehouseman, fertiliser, packing and lawnmower grinding and repair work"

Francis & Co

14 Park Street

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/PARK/14/3/1
  • File
  • 21st November 1876 - 26th September 1878
  • Part of College Archives

File concerning the renewal of the lease in the name of Mr James Hodgson, dated 6th May 1845, (deceased) and held by his wife Mrs Mary Ann Hodgson. Arthur Westmorland (Bursar) makes it clear that before the lease could be renewed repair work set out in a schedule drawn up by Richard Reynolds Rowe had to be completed. Includes the specification listing in detail the repair work to be done; letters between the solicitors representing both sides about the terms of the lease; a letter from Mary Ann Hodgson saying the repairs were well in hand and requesting the lease be renewed and transferred to her son in law Mr H. Whiting with whom she lived as she was "getting very aged" [she was 82]; a site plan of the property showing the outline and dimensions; and an abstract of title

16 and 17 New Square, 1888

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/16/3/1
  • File
  • 10 January 1888 - 2 April 1888
  • Part of College Archives

Contains letters concerning the renewal of the lease for Nos. 16 and 17 to Mr Sanderson.

17 New Square, 1942

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/17/3/2
  • File
  • 9 May 1942 - 26 October 1942
  • Part of College Archives

Specification of works and quotes by Coulson & Son Ltd and Crown & Cox.

1793 works

Includes notes and summarised expenditures relating to the works done in the Chapel between 1789 and 1793; Note from Jeffs and Dawson concerning cost of inserting black and white marble squares to floor, 23rd June 1791;

17th International Design Conference in Aspen on 'Order and Disorder', 18-23 June 1967

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/8/24
  • File
  • 1966-August 1967
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises: a programme for the conference; 2 booklets (one inscribed) of conference proceedings (short essays by each speaker) including Bronowski's ideas to summarise the conference; and a folder containing a typescript reporting on Bronowski's closing speech at the conference, Bronowski's handwritten notes for his speech, a Salk Institute press release about Bronowski's speech, biographies of speakers at the conference, a card with 2 black and white photographs of Bronowski delivering his speech at the conference, and a copy of a press cutting reporting on the conference.

Also includes a conference proceedings publication from the 1966 International Design Conference in Aspen on 'Sources and Resources in Twentieth-Century Design'.

1815 works

Includes letters dated 22nd and 24th August 1815 from Rev. Thomas Dickes to William Hustler concerning restoration of the Chapel including notes about the windows and plastering by Bernasconi; Correspondence between the bursar William Hustler and James Clabben, David Bradwell, Edward and Thomas Tomson, John Turner, Francis and Peter Bernasconi and T. Goode and Son, concerning the redecoration and renovation of the Chapel.

1830s works

Includes letters from Nathan Gray and John Graham, both of March, concerning the removal and sale of wainscotting from the Chapel. Describes woodwork once in the Chapel being stored in the ante Chapel and that Nathan Gray hopes to incorporate the woodwork into alterations being made to his house. Also a note from James Webster providing estimate value of £12 10s for woodwork to be sold including rails and bannisters, two columns, two pillasters, framed wainscot and sundry mouldings.

1860s works

Includes volume for Jesus College Chapel Restoration Fund which includes lists and summaries of work done to the Chapel by various tradesmen including Rattee and Kett, Morris and Co, Bodley and Favill and Ellis. Volume also contains list of books held in the Chapel at the time of the 1860s renovations.

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Cohn Laboratory"

Consists of reprints and photocopies of papers by Melvin Cohn, Peter Bretscher, Siddhartha Sarkar, Peter Ralph, K. Horibata, A. W. Harris, A. John Harris and Alan Sher.

All papers are published versions.

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Dr. Jacob Bronowski" and "Cancer Council Lab."

Consists of typescripts and reprints of papers by Bronowski, Paul M. Knopf, Garth I. Nicolson and Yong Sung Choi.

All papers are published versions except for 'A Difference in the Topology of Normal and Tumor Cell Membranes…' by Nicolson (typescript), 'Identification of the Terminal Saccharides on Sperm Plasma Membranes using Specific Agglutinins' by Nicolson and Ryuzo Yanagimachi (typescript), 'Current Status of Research on the Immune Response to Parasitic Diseases in Humans' by Knopf (typescript) and 'Protest and Prospect' by Bronowski (annotated typescript).

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Dulbecco Laboratory"

Consists of typescripts and reprints of papers by Renato Dulbecco, S. Tonegawa, Marguerite Vogt, James J. Champoux and R. Roblin.

All papers are published versions except for a report about work on 'Oncogenic Viruses' by Dulbecco (June 1970, typescript).

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Holley Laboratory, Guillemin Laboratory"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/5/2/6
  • File
  • May 1968-1971
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of typescripts, abstracts, reprints and photocopies of papers by Robert W. Holley, B. Breier, Dieter Paul, Maureen S. May, W. Thomas Shier, Roger Guillemin, Max Amoss, Wylie Vale, Roger Burgus, Richard E. Blackwell and Norman Fleischer.

All papers are published versions except for abstracts and typescripts of 'Purification, Amino Acid Composition and N-Terminus of the Hypothalamic Luteinizing Hormone Factor…' by Amoss et al., '…A Synthetic Analogue with Specific Activity greater than that of TRF' by Vale et al., 'In Vitro Plasma inactivation of Thyrotropin Releasing Factor (TRF) and related Peptides…' by Vale et al., ' A Double Antibody Radioimmunoassay for Bovine and Ovine Prolactin' by Blackwell and Amoss, 'Pituitary Hormones, Chapter 4: TSH' and 'Pituitary Hormones, Chapter 5: FSH and LH' by Guillemin.

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Members of the Salk Institute"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/5/2/1
  • File
  • December 1969-December 1971
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of typescripts and reprints of papers by Ursula Bellugi, Suzanne Bourgeois, David Schubert, Stephen F. Heinemann and Walter Eckhart.

All papers are published versions except for 'Induced Differentiation of a Neuroblastoma' by Schubert et al. (photocopies of proofs), 'Acetylcholine Esterase Induction in a Mouse Neuroblastoma' by Schubert et al. (typescript), and 'Remembering with and without words' by Bellugi and Patricia Siple (draft of paper for a colloquium)

"1970 & 1971 Reprints, Salk Laboratory, Orgel Laboratory, Lennox Laboratory"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/5/2/5
  • File
  • December 1969-1971
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of reprints and photocopies of papers by Jonas Salk, Fred C. Westall, Ann E. Kaplan, Leslie Orgel, H. Schneider-Bernloehr, R. Saffhill, R. Lohrmann, Robert A. Sanchez, Michael J. Dowler, Nancy M. Chung, Edwin S. Lennox, Gunther Dennert, Hansruedi Kiefer, I. S. Trowbirdge and Fritz Melchers.

All papers are published versions.

1971 Annual Report of the Director to The Board of Trustees and The Members of the Corporation

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/2/8/3
  • File
  • January 1971-February 1971
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises Bronowski's copy of the report [prepared for the annual meetings of Fellows and of the Corporation of the Salk Institute], with the Director's Report to the Fellows and a separate appendix containing reports from Fellows of the Institute about their work (including Bronowski's work on "humane studies" and the Council for Biology in Human Affairs, and Ursula Bellugi's work on language and communication).

Also includes a draft report with a photocopy of a note by Jonas Salk (2 Feb 1971).

"1972 Renaissance Symposium, 'The Hispanic Renaissance and the Vision of America', 5, 6, 7 May"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/4/2/9
  • File
  • April 1972-c. May 1972
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises copies of papers given at the symposium. With a programme, list of participants, poster for a lecture by George A Kubler on 'Renascences in American Antiquity', and a copy of a letter from Roy Harvey Pearce (University of California, San Diego) sending Bronowski the papers and regrets that Bronowski could not attend.

"1973 Annual Report of the Director to The Board of Trustees and The Members of the Corporation"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/10/2/8/6
  • File
  • November 1972-February 1973
  • Part of Personal Papers

Comprises Bronowski's copy of the report [prepared for the annual meetings of Fellows and of the Corporation of the Salk Institute]. The volume contains the Director's Reports to the Board of Trustees and to the Fellows, and reports of work being done by Fellows and in laboratories across the Salk Institute.

"1984 Could be a Good Year - Subsidiary rights"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/5/5/32
  • File
  • 1 February 1971-11 February 1971
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of correspondence with Quadrangle Books, Inc. on reprinting Bronowski's article '1984 Could Be a Good Year' (originally in New York Times Magazine, 15 Jul 1962) in a book on 'Technology and Social Change'.

20 New Square, 1882-1894

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/20/3/1
  • File
  • 16 November 1882 - 1894
  • Part of College Archives

(1) Indenture made 16 November 1882 between Emma Low (widow) and Thomas Walter Bebee (confectioner) for the amount of £171 at an interest of £4 per cent per annum,

(2) Site plan of No. 20 showing the outline of the property including dimensions, undated [William Male is names as lessee of No. 19. He held the lease from 1873-1892],

(3) Site plan of No. 20 showing the outline of the property including dimensions, 1894 is written in pencil at the top of the paper [Mr W. B. Westley is named as the lessee of No. 19.

20 New Square, 1943

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/20/3/2
  • File
  • March 1943 - 27 August 1943
  • Part of College Archives

Concerning a schedule of dilapidations March 1943 and the amount it would cost.


Includes copy of poster, submissions poster and programme


Includes copy of poster, programme, captions from exhibition, photograph of organising committee and letters to members of the committee.

Photograph shows Astrid Godfrey, Sorcha Keenan, Rose Asquith, Alice Buckley, Alex Vardill, James Tybulewicz, Mojola Akinyemi, Olivia Emily, Alex Hadyn-Williams.

"21st Anniversary of Science & Human Values"

  • JCPP/Bronowski/Bronowski/3/8/3/11
  • File
  • 26 April 1973-11 May 1973
  • Part of Personal Papers

Consists of correspondence on Bronowski not being able to address the Technology and Culture Seminar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of a series on 'The Images of Man', and on a possible joint MIT and Salk Institute symposium to celebrate the 21st anniversary of 'Science and Human Values' [talks given at MIT by Bronowski] in Autumn 1973.

24 New Square, 1890

Letter from Hugh Shield (Bursar) to Mr J. Chater on behalf of the Executors of J. Barrett offering the executors a new lease for 40 years from 24 June 1890. Also a site plan showing the outline of the property including dimensions and the names of the neighbouring lessees.

28 New Square, 1943-1944

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/28/3/2
  • File
  • 6 September 1943 - 9 February 1944
  • Part of College Archives

Letters from J. Carter Jonas & Sons to the Bursar advising him that the back wing of the property, that had been built "40 or 50 years ago" was in a dangerous condition. They said they had written to the tenant Mr Suttle to inform him and urged the College to remove the back wing as it was causing the back wall of the house to move and would soon collapse. They had obtained an estimate from Messrs Coulson, builders, but said that the shoring materials that were needed were unobtainable and so advised them to demolish the wing and then consider rebuilding it.

31 Tenison Avenue

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/TENA/31/2/1
  • File
  • 5 March 1899 - 12 November 1919
  • Part of College Archives

Correspondence between the College and Mr Verinder concerning the lease of land at the back of 31 Tenison Avenue and the transfer of the lease to Mr F. T. Brooks in 1919

32 - 38 Station Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/STA/32/4/2
  • File
  • 18 November 1941 - 23 December 1941
  • Part of College Archives

Notes relating to the purchase of 32, 34, 36 and 38 Station Road at auction:
(1) notes on the properties giving details of the tenants, rent paid, condition, liabilities, gardens, valuation and desirability of purchase, dated 18th November 1941
(2) application made by Francis & Co for a search of the Land Charges register, dated 19th December 1941
(3) results of the search listing Walter Alan Campbell Gardiner as the owner of the properties, dated 19th December 1941
(4) receipt for fees, dated 23rd December 1941

33 New Square

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/33/3/2
  • File
  • 15th April 1896 - 27th February 1897
  • Part of College Archives

Letters between Hugh Shield (Bursar), Richard Reynolds Rowe, the Misses Reynolds and Thomas Askham about the terms of an agreement for the Misses Reynolds to let to Mr Askham. Including rent, who was responsible for repairs, permission for Mr Askham to build three shops on the land and keep the income, the best way for the Misses Reynolds to repay their £300 mortgage, proposals for an annuity and the need for the Misses Reynolds to include their elderly brother in the annuity

35 New Square, 1927-1928

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/35/3/2
  • File
  • 7 June 1927 - 22 May 1928
  • Part of College Archives

Contains letters from P. Morley Horder to Bernard Lord Manning about plans to rebuild the corner of New Square (No. 35) to conform to the new building line suggested by the widening of the corner. He felt that it was essential to design the corner in keeping with the existing line of buildings. He comments on a plan submitted by the Land Agents J. Carter & Sons and puts forward his own plans. The file also contains a draft head lease dated 1927 with Mr H. Woodley; a printed and detailed specification of work including plans (October 1927) and a list of building contractors and estimates. Although Morley Horder favoured Messrs Rattee and Kett the College selected H. W. Hunt as his was the cheapest quote.

P. Morley Horder, 5 Arlington Street, St James's, London SW1

36 New Square

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/NEWSQ/36/3/2
  • File
  • 3rd October 1944 - 26th June 1944
  • Part of College Archives

Contains the following:
3rd October 1944 - from J. Carter Jonas & Sons informing the Bursar that they had made out an agreement to lease the property to Mrs Baker but the current lease was made out to Mr G. A. Baker who was away serving in H.M. Forces. As a surrender could not be signed they had made out the lease in Mr Baker's name

4th January 1945 - from J. Carter Jonas & Sons asking for permission from the Bursar to accept a quote for the repair of gates to the yard at the rear of the property which was leased by Mr L. A. Rich

7th June 1946 - letter from Francis & Co to the Bursar informing him that the tenant Mrs Baker had died (6th June) and had a number of debts. They said they were trying to get Mr Baker to sign a surrender of the Agreement and would then get access to the property to assess dilapidations

11th June 1946 - Letter from J. Carter Jonas & Sons to the Bursar stating that when Mrs Baker had signed the Agreement as agent for her husband she had said he was away serving in the Far East but in fact they had separated and he was living in Cambridge. She had rent arrears of £61. 8s. 0d. which her husband refused to pay but he had agreed to clear out the house so the College could gain possession

Specification for internal repairs and decorations and formation of a bathroom

26th June 1946 - estimate of £184 16s. 9d. from Rattee & Kett Limited for the above work

J. Carter Jonas & Sons

4, 5, 6 and 7 Malcolm Place

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/MALC/16/2/1
  • File
  • 30th October 1871 - 10th May 1907
  • Part of College Archives

Includes: letter to William Wallis concerning assignment [JCAD/3/CAM/MALC/16/1/1871/4]; and letters offering new leases to Fanny Susannah Bagley

40 and 42 Hobson Street

Includes: complaints of encroachment by new building of Cambridgeshire County Council and surrender of Messrs Morley's lease

44 Hobson Street

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/HOB/2/2/2
  • File
  • 25th June 1921 - 16th June 1936
  • Part of College Archives

Correspondence concerning the leasehold of 44 Hobson Street to Cambridgeshire County Council and alterations required by the council, and correspondence from the Borough Surveyor's Office and J Carter & Sons concerning a proposed new frontage line in Hobson Street which cuts through number 44 [see plan: CAD/3/CAM/HOB/2/3/1926]

45 Hills Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/HIL/45/3/3
  • File
  • 9 September 1896 - 14 October 1899
  • Part of College Archives

Correspondence between Dr Gardiner (of 45 Hills Road), Charles Armstrong and the College concerning permission for Dr Gardiner to purchase a triangular strip of land from Charles Armstrong for his garden. The strip of land fronted onto Tenison Avenue. Includes a plan showing the area in question

46 and 47 Hills Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/HIL/46/2/1
  • File
  • 18 February 1879 - 1887
  • Part of College Archives

Letters concerning negotiations for a lease of Nos. 46 and 47 Hills Road to F. Thoday. Includes Thoday's Abstract of Title to the leasehold and two lease plans

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