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1 Park Street

Subject of compulsory purchase by Cambridge City Council in 1962 as part of a road widening scheme when the Park Street car park was built

1 Salisbury Villas

Letter from V. C. Radmore, H. M. of Works to Bernard Manning (Bursar) encouraging the College to let them have possession of the property immediately for an Unemployment Assistance Board, and then work out the terms of an Agreement

1 Salisbury Villas

  • File
  • 19 October 1937 - 20 May 1943
  • Part of College Archives

Includes correspondence regarding: the lease of the property to children of the Basque region of Spain who were made orphans by the Spanish Civil War; attempts to find new tenants which proved difficult due the noise from the railway and the internal layout of the building; a schedule of dilapidations dated December 1939; negotiations with HM Office of Works over the amount to be spent on repairs and redecoration prior to agreement of a lease; terms of the lease; permission requested for the erection of Air Raid Shelters in the garden (permission was granted but the College refused to contribute financially); and repairs to glass broken when a bomb exploded near Queen Anne's Terrance

1 Salisbury Villas

  • File
  • March 1935 - December 1939
  • Part of College Archives

Contains the following schedules of dilapidations:

  1. Specification of dilapidations at No. 1 Salisbury Villas, occupied by the late Dr T. A. Walker, dated March 1935. 2 copies

  2. Schedule of defects to the interior of No. 1 Salisbury Villas, 23rd December 1937

  3. Schedule of dilapidations complying with the Repairing Agreement of Lease dated 12th January 1938. 2 copies

1 Station Road (formerly the Great Northern Hotel)

Records relating to The Great Northern Hotel have been included under 1 Station Road. The first surviving lease is dated 1869 and granted 3 messuages, including 1 called 'Great Northern Hotel' to Arthur John Gray. In 1896 the lease was granted to Charles Edward Gray and the plan shows the Great Northern Hotel was the property between 57 Hills Road and 1 Station Road. In 1926 the lease was granted to Messrs Worthington & Co

1, 2 and 3 Malcolm Place [Demolished]

Demolished as part of the Malcolm Place Development. When properties are found together with 4, 5, 6 and 7 Malcolm Place the records are found with these deeds. See, JCAD/3/CAM/MALC/16/1/1856

10 Fair Street

Agreement to pay increase in rent as follows:
"In consideration of the College agreeing to enlarge the yard at the back of my House and providing me with a new Coal Cellar and improving the existing W. C. I the undersigned [Arthur F. Bush] agree to undertake to pay an increased rent at the rate of two pounds (£2) per annum as from Christmas next"

10 New Square, 1935

Letter from the Bursar to H. M. Inspector of Taxes confirming that on the expiry of the lease on No. 10 at Ladyday 1934 the property was let to Mrs South. The yard and building at the back fronting Elm Street was let to Mt. T. W. Neech.

105 King Street

105-113 King Street sold by College in 1996 to Camstead Limited

107 King Street

105-113 King Street sold by College in 1996 to Camstead Limited

109 King Street

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/KING/17/3/1
  • 22nd April 1925 - 21st May 1931
  • Part of College Archives

Lawrence. Includes correspondence between W J & J G Taylor Solicitors and Lloyds Bank, with details of mortgage, deeds and insurance; and record of interview with Lawrence detailing his offer to to sell the whole property to Jesus College

109 King Street

105-113 King Street sold by College in 1996 to Camstead Limited

11 Manor Street and 63 King Street [Demolished]

Includes records for 57, 59 and 61 King Street after the freehold properties [57, 59 and 61] were conveyed to Edward Sanderson in 1872 and when the College lease [11 Manor Street and 63 King Street] was also also assigned to him. Demolished as part of the King Street development

11 New Square, 1902

Letter from J. H. H. Goodwin (Bursar) to "Madam" [possibly Margaret Sancroft who held a lease in 1880] offering her a new lease for 40 years from 6 April 1902.

11 Tenison Avenue

Known as 'Drachenfeld'

Leased to Charles Armstrong along with Rhinefeld [No. 9] for 99 years from 1895

111-113 King Street

Originally one property [numbered 61 King Street in property particulars of 1901]. 105-113 King Street sold by College in 1996 to Camstead Limited

11a Manor Street [Demolished]

These records mostly reference 11a Manor Street (known as the Harp Tavern) but also include the site and premises of 65-67 King Street and 12-14 Manor Street when together

1-2 and 8-10 New Square, 1895

Particulars and Conditions of Sale - List of freehold and leaseholds for sale at the Lion Hotel Cambridge on 8 May 1895. Relates to Nos. 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10 New Square. Gives a description for each property including rooms, number of bedrooms, outhouses or store rooms, rent and to whom it is currently leased:

No. 1 Mrs Jones yearly rent of £30
No. 2 Mr Johnson yearly rent of £30
No. 8 Mrs Diddams yearly rent £25
No. 9 Mrs Emmerson yearly rent of £22
No. 10 Mr E. J. Wallis yealy rent of £24

12 New Square, 1891

Letter from Hugh Shield (Bursar) to Mr John Yeoman offering him a new 40 year lease from 10th October 1880 for premises assigned by him to Mr Henry Houlden. Also a site plan showing the outline of the property including dimensions and the names of the neighbouring lessees

12-14 Manor Street

Letter referring to the lease of 12, 13 and 14 Manor Street and 83 King Street

126, 128 and 130 Tenison Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/TENR/1/2/1
  • File
  • 22nd August 1931 - 14th December 1945
  • Part of College Archives

A series of five letters from Francis & Co regarding negotiations about granting a Licence to Universal Garden Supplies Ltd, [potential purchasers] to carry out "the trade or business of seedsman, horticure sundries, warehouseman, fertiliser, packing and lawnmower grinding and repair work"

Francis & Co

126, 128 and 130 Tenison Road

  • JCCA/JCAD/3/CAM/TENR/1/2/2
  • Item
  • 14th January 1946 - 18th January 1946
  • Part of College Archives

Three letters concerning Nos. 126-130 Tenison Road:

(1) 14th January 1946 - from Ernest Lloyd to the Bursar asking him to reconsider the College's decision not to allow the purchaser (Mr Ridgeon, seed merchant) to occupy the premises. He explains that Mr G. C. Bedwell of Hills Road left the properties to his children and his eldest daughter was entirely dependent on the rent. She had already lost two quarters rent due to the College's decision

(2) 17th January 1946 - from Ernest Lloyd to the Bursar thanking him for his phone call and confirming he had contacted their Agents, Messrs R. C. Knight & Sons, and asked them to forward the particulars of the properties to the College

(3) The particulars giving a detailed description of the property

13 Jesus Lane [Demolished]

In 1960 the tenant of No. 13 was Mr W. M. Clifton and the tenant of No. 13A was Miss E. E. Tyrrell

Subject of compulsory purchase by Cambridge City Council in 1962 as part of a road widening scheme when the Park Street car park was built

13 New Square, 1943

Letter from Francis & Co to the Bursar informing him they had dealt with an assignment of No. 13. Mr Frederick George Jenkins (personal representative of Katharine Jenkins, late of No. 13 New Square) had given his assent to the assignment of the lease to Marion Hannah Lancaster.

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