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Upholsterer's bill

Paid to Morris and Company for work done in the SCR, including payments for supplying an Axminster carpet, supplying two pairs of stamped velvet curtains with frings on centre and bottom edges, two pairs of silk and worsted loops, mahognay pole with rings, supplying a standard grate, design for fireplace and instructions, lustre sunflorren tiles, red hearth, four sets of finger plates pierced and engraved, two sets of oval door handles, two single door handles, six roses for the door handles, four key hole plates, plated screws, red merino, a second visit to Cambridge and expenses

Unstratified Glass

Trench 2: a number of fragments derived from a large onion bottle (of 17th/18th century date) were identified, along with the stems and the base of the bowls of two 18th century wine glasses. The stem of a 19th century wine glass was also identified, along with a near complete small rectangular 19th century bottle marked ‘Judson / London’. Finally, a minimum of two 19th century Codd bottles were present, each marked with the name of a Cambridge manufacturer (Woods, 1858+ and Ekin, c. 1841-57) as well as two local Lincoln beer bottles (1870+).

(partially discarded)

Trip, Jacob

10⅝ x 7⅛. Published by John W. Punken. After Nicholas Maes.

Lewis, Charles George

Trinity Hall Receipt

Receied of Jesus College, 8s 3d, dated October 1833, signed J Hancork Hall, Bursar of Trinity Hall.

Hall, J Hancork

Trinity College Rent Receipt

Dated October 12th 1832, received of the master of Jesus College, 4d for one years rent due to Trinity College in Cambridge at St Michaelmas last past. Signed William Cattey.

Cattey, William


Played by Mick Morden. Colour sketch of the costume; pencil sketches and notes about the costume; the actor's measurements; and red, green and yellow fabric swatches

Trial Eights, 1898

Names on board read:
H. Hall-Hall, W. S. Ostle, H. J. Mowll, H. W. Rogers, R. Whitley, L. E. Faber, J. C. Hood, H. E. Menzies, W. D. Coplestone, E. S. Strachan.

Tree carriage bill

White Horse Inn, Cripplegate
Cambridge, Ely, Lynn Caravan & Waggon
Norwich, Thetford, Yarmouth Van and Waggon, Daily
Respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, they are not enabled (through their liberal support) to offer them a DAILY Conveyance, both by Caravan and Waggon, to the above places, and request the continuance of their kind patronage.

Fly Vans, Waggons & Boats, Daily
Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Northumberland, and North Britain
DEACON, MACK and COs Vans and Waggons to Norwich, and all parts of Norfolk.
DEACON and Co's VANS and WAGGONS to Cambridge, Ely, Lynn &c
HARGREAVE'S Boats and Waggons to Wigan, Carlisle and Cockermouth.
POWERS'S Waggons to Oxford, Chipping Norton, &c.

1 Load of Trees £0.3.0

Dr French
April 30th

Signed John Hincliffe
WM Tomkins
J Sharly
James Hibbert

Deacon, Mack & Co

Transverse section of the Choir

Section showing one of Rowe's proposed designs for restoring the College Chapel

Rowe, Richard Reynolds (1824-1899), Architect, Surveyor and Engineer

Transverse section of the Choir

Section showing one of Rowe's executed designs for restoring the College Chapel

Rowe, Richard Reynolds (1824-1899), Architect, Surveyor and Engineer

Totals of College Work (Pg 4)

Totals of lodge work, kitchen work, buttery work, courts work, stables work, felling trees, Manor(?) street. Total of £29 12s 5d.

John Turner & Son

Tithe Receipt etc.

Covering letter addressed to Dr French, forwarding on a corrected [?] and a statement of receipt and payments on account of the late Mr Thomas Cuthbert and as there is now 25/- only in arrear for couporation [sic] in lieu of tithes, the writer it not advisable to keep his account open any longer - he yesterday added [?] the payment of £175 6s 3d to the credit of your [?] at Master Matlock's as Bursar of the college, which will be paid through Barclays & co.

Also forwarded is a seasonal voucher.

The writer thanks Dr French for the confidence he has shown in him, and offers his services for the future if they are needed.

Hangon [?], John

Timber Auction poster

Paid to Cockett & Nash for Oak, Ash & Elm Timber of large dimensions. A catalogue of 15 oak, 4 ash & 34 elm trees of large dimensions now standing blazed and numbered on Mr John Strickland's Farm at Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, which will be sold by auction by Cockett & Nash.
On the premises, with the top, lop and bark, on Thursday, March 1st, 1821, at eleven o'clock.
In Neat Grove: 12 oak trees with the top, lop and bark as marked with white paint.
In Off-Field Grove: An oak tree, four large elm trees standing near Abington field, one large ask tree in Abington field close.
Flax-lane Farm Yard: five elm trees (one in the orchard), two ash trees in the orchard.
In Hog-yard Grove: eleven large elm trees.
In Calves Pightle: one ash tree, one oak tree, two elm trees.
In Great Pasture Close: six large elm trees.
In the Orchard: three elm trees.
To be viewed till the sale by applying at Mr John Strickland's Farmhouse.
A deposit of £10. per cent. to be paid at the sale, and Four Months' Credit will be allowed for the remainder of the purchase money, on approved security.
Catalogues to be had at the inns in the neighbourhood; and of Cockett & Nash, Architectural Surveyors, Appraisers, and Auctioneers, at Royston, Herts.
Hodson Printer, Cambridge.

Cockett & Nash

Timber Auction Poster

Poster detailing the sale by auction of ash & elm timber at Christ College Pieces Cambridge, to be sold by Elliot Smith at 4 o'clock, Monday March 15 1830. 20 elm and 6 ash with the tops from lots on Newmarket Road and Love Hedge.

Smith, Elliot

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