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Bookbinder's bill

Payment of 8s 9d to Robert Hymn for bookbinding services. Includes payments for binding and repairing five volumes of royal music books in cloth for the chapel. Signed by Robert Hymn.

Flynn, Robert

Bookbinders bill

Receipt image reads: Circulating library. Bookbinding in all its branches executed on the lowest terms. Bookseller. Bookbinder. And Stationer. Periodically words regularly served.

To John Hatt
For 500 Wafers to Eden £0.18.0

Received the above October 17th 1823

Signed John Hatt

Hatt, John

Bookbinder's bill

Payment of £1 4s 3d to John P. Gray for bookbinding done for the college chapel. Includes payments for binding four music books in rough calf, one almanac, and one almanac on board. Signed by J. P. Gray.

John P. Gray, Bookbinders

Bookbinders Receipt

£1 3s 6d paid to John Gray for binding - in 1872 - the Statuta Collegii Jesus (quarto), calf half extra, and 11 Psalms and Hymns, cloth letters. Receipt written out in 1873, and paid on 9th February 1874,

John P. Gray, Bookbinders

Bookseller Receipt

Eustace Reveley Mitford Esq's receipt for James Johnson, Booksellers and Stationer, Sidney Street, Cambridge.

1 August 1833, Platonis Opera 10 Vols. £2 17s
Livy Drakenborch 4 Vols. 16s

Oct 25 1833, Or(?) by Case 3/0/=, £3 13s
Samuel Johnson, £3

Mitford, Eustace Reveley

Bookseller Receipt

Bookseller's receipt, dated March 5 1833, 7 Fleet Street, London. Received of Chapman Eve (?) the sum of £10 as per bill annexed on act of Henry Butterworth, law bookseller & publisher. Signed Henry Butterworth.

Butterworth, Henry

Bottle Slide

  • JCAG/M/31
  • Item
  • 1977
  • Part of Silver

Engraved with E. R. and appears to be a celebratory item in commemoration of silver jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Mappin and Webb, Sheffield

Brewers bill

Bill for red bricks and splays to John Price, wholesale and retail brewer and malteaser and hop, wine and spirit dealer, paid by C Deeks for £1 15d 9s. Signed by William Sargant and John Price.

Deeks, Charles

Brick and tile maker bill

Bill for pipes made by William Bird, brick and tile maker, between December 21st 1878 and July 22nd 1879, paid by Mr Deeks for Hundon. Signed by William Bird and on the back by Mr Deeks.

Deeks, Charles

Bricklayer and plasterer's bill

Paid to Joseph Woodcock for work done on the new building, including payments for pointing windows, mortar, plastering the chimney, alterations made to the Master's lodgings next to the new building, loads of lime, bricks, to labourers, a journeyman, loads of sand, lathes and nails, bushels of hair and scaffolds. Signed by Joseph Woodcock

Bricklayer and plasterer's bill

Paid to Joseph Woodcock for work done on the new builidng, including payments for journeymen, labourers, lime, sand, tiles, lathes and nails, bricks, trowelmen. Signed by Joseph Woodcock

Bricklayer and plasterer's bill

Paid to Joseph Woodcock for work done on the new building, including payments for sand, cart carriage, scaffolding, lime, journeymen, Richard Atwood, Joseph Clements, William Plumer, John Read, lathers, scoutels, sines, pails, matocks, tubs, lins, labourers, clay to parge the chimneys. Signed by Joseph Woodcock

Bricklayer and plasterers bill

Paid to Joseph Woodcock for work done on the new building, including payments for bricks, labour time of Henry Alden and Richard Atwood, a carter for carriage, for workmen, for labourers. Signed by Joseph Woodcock

Bricklayer Bill

Receipt to Rev. French for £5 3s 6d for bricklaying in the college.

Turner, John

Bricklayer's bill

6s 2d received from Mr Hustler, Bursar, on 27th November 1816.
Costs from 26th March 1816 include 4 hods brick mortar; 26 bricks; half-day bricklayer; half-day labourer.

Turner, John

Builder's bill

For work on ceilings in rooms of:
Mr Brett, Bingham, Griffiths, Winter senior, Nelson, Winter junior, Richardson, Allot.
Total £1 16s 0d.

Turner, John

Building Agreement

Parties: (1) Charles Armstrong, (2) Philip Banyard and Alfred William Wisbey. Relates to a number of properties shaded pink of on attached plan

Building Insurance Receipt

Paid £3 15s to P Wedd of Sun Fire Office. For one year's insurance from Laday 1777 to Laday 1778.

Wedd, P.

Building Insurance Receipt

Paid £3 15s to Sun Fire Office from Lady-day 1777 to Lady-day 1778. Witnessed for Mr Comings by P Wedd, Lillie Aynscombe, Henry Plant.

Wedd, P.

Building Insurance Receipt

Paid £3 15s to Sun Fire Office from Laday 1780 to Laday 1781. Witnessed for Mr Comings by P Wedd, Henry Plant and John Harrison.

Wedd, P.

Building Works Receipt

Receipt for building works carried out by John Loveday, builder, joiner, cabinet maker, etc.
Work includes: fixing cradles round trees; circle posts; poles; nails; oak posts; ficxing posts to iron gate; gallows; deal; headleys for ironwork; stones; cement; time for labourer and carpenter. Total cost £12-0-5.
Received by Dr Morgan, and signed by John Loveday.

Loveday, John

Burial certificate

Certificate detailing oath by Elizabeth Bottomly of St. Botolph's parish, Cambridge that Hannah Clee of St. Botolph's parish, Cambridge was not buried in anything other than wool. Signed by witnesses J. Cheetham and the mark of Mary Smith. Also signed by James Whiskin, Justice of the Peace for Cambridge.

Bursar's Expenses

Calculations for Bursar's expenses for dates between 13 October 1832 and 28 May 1833. Horse to Willingham, Shelford, Willingham, London and Willingham, total of £6 2s 10d.

Also inclues labour payments for loan(?) on Curry(?) farm and labour. Total of £3 11s 3d. Settled by agent (?) November.

French, Rev. Dr William (c.1786-1849), Master of Jesus College

Butler audit and driver receipt

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1771/54
  • 11th May 1771-29th November 1771
  • Part of College Archives

Paid 10s 3 1/2d to Beaumont Prior for his father for court keeping at Graveley, including bottles of port and brandy, tobacco, sugar, and bottles. Tucked inside a driver's receipt paid £1 1s to T. Barnes for a chaise to Graveley, saddlehorse and turnpike fees (11th May).

Barnes, Thomas

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