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Bill and Receipt for Land Tax

Bill and Receipt for half a years Land Tax Charged on the Estate of the Master and Fellows of Jesus College at Willing Farm at Willingham due Michaelmas Last, amounting to 14s. Signed C. Underwood Collector.

Underwood, Charles

Bill and Receipt for Work by Stephen Pryor & Son

Bill and Receipt to Jesus College from J. Webster & Sons for work by Stephen Pryor & Son in October 1848

Oct. 2: 9ft of 2in Copper Pipes, 3 Hooks & fixing, 10s 6d

Oct. 23: Repairing pipe in Back Yard, 1s 6d
To taking down, clearing out, repairing Copper, gutters, and pipes, 3ft 6in new copper gutter, 6in new pipes, 4 pipe Hooks, 6 new holdfasts for Gutter with Copper straps making 4 square elbows, & 3 joints, men, day 1/2 Porters Houses, 18s 6d

Total: £1 10s 6d

Signed on receipt of payment by Charles Pryor

Stephen Pryor & Son

Bill for Carpentry Work at Hundon

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/78/1
  • Part
  • 25th February 1832 - 27th August 1832
  • Part of College Archives

Bill to the Rev Master & Fellows of Jesus College Cambride for work done at Hundon Rectory by the order of Mr R. Cuthbert, to Thomas Knock, carpenter, for work done on 25th February, 8th March, 17th July, 24th July, 27th August 1832. Includes repairing boarding to barn and stable door, repairing and rehanging gates, stripping and taking down old rafters, putting up new rafters, repairing gates in the yard and repairing barn floor. Total of £3 19s 9d.

Knock, Thomas

Bill for chimney sweeping

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1839/24
  • Item
  • February - December 1839
  • Part of College Archives

To sweeping chimneys
Range, stove, copper and oven, hall, Combination, porters, servants hall.
Total £2 11s

Press, Robert

Bill for chocolate

Received of Mr. Newton to [?]'Wm' Clapham. Paid 3s 1d for chocolate toasts for an Audit. Signed by J. Clapham.

Clapham, Jane

Bill for College Work on Laundry

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/58/1
  • Part
  • 24th August 1833 - 5th October 1833
  • Part of College Archives

Bill from the Master and Fellows of Jesus College to J. Webster, for work done to staircases and laundry, dated from August 24th 1833 to October 5th 1833. Includes skirting the staircases and laundry, putting up angle beads, mending the floor, purchase of nails, new handrail, repair of window frame. Total of £13 5s 9d.

Webster, J.

Bill for College Work on Master's Lodge

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/59/1
  • Part
  • 24th August 1833 - 14th September 1833
  • Part of College Archives

Bill from the Master and Fellows of Jesus College to J. Webster for work done in the Master's Lodge from August 24th to September 14th 1833. Includes putting up of stud work door jambs(?), skirting, work altering staircases. Total of £11 8s 7d.

Webster, J.

Bill for Copy of Lord Campbell's Speech

Paid £3 8s 5d to George Gold, Law an Parliamentary Stationer, for a fair copy of extracts from Lord Campbell's speech in The Honorable Society of Gray's Inn v the Parish of St Andrew Holborn. Signed Henry Gold for George Gold.

Gold, George

Bill for Crown Inn Hundon Expenses

1833 Expenses for Crown Inn Hundon, name [?], to Thomas Knock & [?]. Includes 18 teas, punch, wine, liquor, cigars and tobacco for a total of £4 15s 6d. Noted as left to pay £1 6s, servant £1 3s and [?}. Total of £4 19s 6d with later additions of 4s, coming to £5 3s. Noted on the reverse as paid 15th February 1833.

Knock, Thomas

Bill for Election Dinner

Bill delivered(?) for Election Dinner, dated 3 May 1831 (£4 10s 10d), ditto bill delivered(?), dated 5 May 1831 (£8 6s 11d). Total of £12 17s 9d. Received May 5 1833. Signed R. Brett.

Noted as settled on the reverse of the bill.

Brett, R.

Bill for Glazier Work on Hundon Parsonage

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/75
  • Item
  • 17th September - 13th November 1832
  • Part of College Archives

Bill for glazier work done at the Hundon parsonage by Thomas Robinson by order of Mr Robert Cuthbert for the use of Jesus College Cambridge. Includes leading, repairing, sqaures. Total of 16s 10d. Settled 19th July 1833 and signed by Thomas Robinson.

Robinson, Thomas

Bill for Ironwork at Hundon

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/76
  • Item
  • 21st March 1832 - 14th August 1832
  • Part of College Archives

Bill for ironwork addressed to the Fellows of Jesus College Cambridge, directed to John Angel by the order of Mr Robert Cuthbert. Work drom 21 March to 14th August 1832, includes the purchasse of nails, stapling, screwing nails to the door, one eye mended, mending of a latch. Total of 7s 8d. Settled by John Angel on 31st December 1832.

Angel, John

Bill for Ironwork (Pg 1)

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/60/1
  • Part
  • 31st October 1832 - 12th June 1833
  • Part of College Archives

First page of bill from Jesus College to Shallow and Coleman for ironwork from 31st Ocotober 1832 to 13th June 1833.

Ironwork done to the Master's Lodge includes a "good" padlock, putting 2 staples to cellar door, and laye(?) lock to outer door. Total of 10s 6d.

Ironwork done to Courts includes bar to window (?) Master's garden, lead fixings, mending barrows, purchase of screws, lock fixed on stable gate, mending of ladder, fixed gate of Close, 6 men for putting up the front gate, new eye to the top hinge of the front gate, as well as more modifications to the front gate. Total of £3 18s 8d.

Shallow and Coleman

Bill for Ironwork (Pg 2)

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/60/2
  • Part
  • 21st November 1832 - 18th June 1833
  • Part of College Archives

Second page of bill for ironwork from Jesus College to Shallow and Coleman. Continued Courts ironwork, including cutting 2 steps out of stone lead fixing, screw bolt and fixing the (?) gate, cutting bars out of windows, new ends of bars for windows etc. Total of £6 11s 3d.

Combination Room ironwork from April 13th until 7th Ocotober 1833 includes cleaned and repairing lamp and jagged cotton(?) holders, new bench for the stove, cleaned bar to the stove, bleached stove, cleaned irons and sender(?). Total of 11s.

Hall ironwork on 21st November 1832 and 13th April 1833, cleaned stove and cleaned lamp. Total of 4s.

Clock ironwork on 2nd February 1833, mended spindle to minute hand, mended wire to sticking(?), one year winding. Total of £4 19s 6d (winding is £4 19s 6d).

Shallow and Coleman

Bill for Ironwork (Pg 3)

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/60/3
  • Part
  • 29th October 1832 - 2nd October 1833
  • Part of College Archives

Third page of bill for ironwork in Jesus College to Shallow and Coleman.

Kitchen ironwork from 29th Ocotober 1832 to 2nd Ocotber 1833, includes 2 bars for the stove, mending and sharpening the beef hook, foot of salamander, straightening the bar to the range, oiling (?), new centre to worn spindle, mending dripping pan, plate under oven, mend latch on the repaired oven. In additional hand noted "deduct for Salamander", signed M. Willis. Total of £6 8s 2d.

Overall calcuations for all ironwork around the college comes to £19 4s 5d.

Shallow and Coleman

Bill for Marking Road and Tree Cutting

Bill dated 12th December 1832 from the Rev, the Bursar, to Joseph Langram for 5 days work to marking road for Manor Street and 1 day to cutting trees. Total of 12s 6d. Noted as paid to Joseph Langram on June 10th 1833.

Langram, Joseph

Bill for Rustat Audit Dinner

Cook's bill. Paid £3 6s for 1 dish of salmon, soles with lobster sauce, calves head hash, a herring pudding, a salad with oil and eggs, 12 ragout pigeons, a dish of lobsters, 1 Tansy, 6 chickens roasts. Signed by B. Fuller.

Fuller, Bartholomew

Bill for Rustat Audit Sizings

Paid £1 13s 2d for bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of Mountain wine, 1 bottle of Madeira, linen, sizings, tobacco, coffee and tea, a servant. Signed by William Norfolk

Norfolk, William

Bill for Rustat Fruit

  • JCCA/JCAD/2/2/9/1833/67/2
  • Part
  • 17th December 1832 - 2nd July 1833
  • Part of College Archives

Bill from Jesus College to William Wiseman, for dates December 17th 1832, April 11th 1833 and July 2nd 1833 for Audit day, Rustat Fruit, and Midsummer. Total of £7 13s.

Bill for stationary

Paid 9 pounds 1 shilling and 9 pence to Deighton, Bell & Co, Booksellers to H. R. H. the Chancellor of the University and agents to the University. Ream demy, quire blotting, ink, pens.

Deighton, Bell & Co.

Bill for Thatching Work at Hundon

1832 bill for thatching done at Hundon on the premises of Jesus College byt the order of Mr Cuthbert, done by George Rogers. Includes payment of Rogers and labourers, mending the building at the home farm, allowance for beer, 10 bunches of springels and bunch, 4 pounds of ropeyarn, 3 bunches of springels and bunch. Total of £1 16s 7d. Noted as paid January 1st.

Rogers, George

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