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Trippelowe, John de With digital objects
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Fragment of a Deed (gift or feoffment)

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 31-49/47c*
  • Item
  • 16 August 1342-18 August 1347 ('..die veneris p[ro]x[ima] post festu[m] Assu[m]ptio...' Philip Cayly was Mayor in 1442 (33a) and in 1347 before November (43a))
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

To John de Tryppelowe, rector of Herdewik, ? messuages, tree cottages, and a garden, abutting on the Nun's croft and highway. Witnesses: Phillip C(ayly, Mayor of Cambridge) (47a), John Vanasour, bailiff. Same scribe as 33a, 43a etc.

John d(icitur)

Gift with warranty (fragmentary)

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 31-49/48c*
  • Item
  • 1342-December 1342 (Shortly before 48 and 48b*; same scribe. 'Dat' apud Cantebr' die Lune p[ro]x[ima] festu[m] s[an]c[t]i T_ (Anno regni Regis) Edwardi t[er]cii post conquestu[m] __mo)')
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

John le Gome, of Cambridge, to (John de) Trypellowe, rector of Herdewik, a messuage in Ragegund Lane with a garden adjacent to it. Witnesses: Bartholomew Morice, Mayor of Cambridge, John (Marschal?), John de Shadeworth, Richard de Weston, bailiffs, John Fryday et aliis.

Gome, John le

Seal of white and brown wax

  • JCMR/Add./Add. Seals 1-7/Add. Seals 3
  • Item
  • 1328-1349 (On the membrane strip attached to the seal is written (s xiv 2/4 handwriting) "... Rector de Reymerst..." The membrane must have belonged to John de Tryppelowe. He was rector of Reymerston between 1328 and 1342 and then rector of Hardwick until 1349.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Seal of white and brown wax, central (brown) part bears impression of a human figure (St Radegund? a bishop?)

St Radegund's Priory (?)