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Charter of King Stephen

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 1-10/2a
  • Item
  • 1149-1150 ("[Given] during the siege of Mapperhall" (Apud Mapertes halam in obsidione), 1149-50. For the date, see appendix A in Nuns and goldsmiths.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Stephen confirms to the church and nuns of St Mary the grant by William Monachus [le Moyne], goldsmith, of 2 virgates of land and 6 acres of pasture and 4 cottars with their holdings, at (Great) Shelford, in free alms, for the soul of Henry (I) and for all God's faithful. Witnesses: William Martell and Rainer de Warenne.

Stephen I (c 1096-1154) King of England

Charter of Nigel granting nuns land

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 1-10/1
  • Item
  • 1144-1145 (This is probably the earliest of the nuns' charters, written before Gray 2a: see Gray, Priory (Cambridge, 1898), p. 3, for discussion; also Nuns and goldsmiths, p.61, n.11.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Nigel, Bishop of Ely, gives to the nuns of the newly founded cell outside the town of Cambridge a piece of land (4 acres) lying near to the said cell, free of all customs, for a rent of 12d per annum. Witnesses: Radulf Olaf; Petrus clericus (Peter the clerk); Gilebertus capellanus de horn[u]ningesheia (Gilbert the chaplain of Horningsea).

Nigel (d 1169) Bishop of Ely

Confirmation of charter Gray 2a

Bishop Nigel of Ely confirms grant by William Monachus [le Moyne] of Shelford to the Church of St Mary and St Radegund of 2 virgates of land etc. Witnesses: William [de Laventon] archdeacon [of Ely], Richard of St Paul, Richard de Pontcardon, Ricardus filius Ilberti (Richard fitz Gilbert), Magistrus Ernulfus (Master Ernulf), John of St Alban, Gilbert clericus (the clerk), Radulfus Dapiferus (Ralph the steward), Alexander pincerna (the butler), Henricus peregrinus (Henry the pilgrim).

Nigel (d 1169) Bishop of Ely

Confirmation of Indulgences granted by previous Bishops

The bishop confirms certain grants of indulgence made by his brother Bishops in favour of persons contributing to the relief of the nuns and the rebuilding of their house destroyed by fire. Written in Hatfield

Keeton, John

Fragment of a Deed (gift or feoffment)

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 31-49/47c*
  • Item
  • 16 August 1342-18 August 1347 ('..die veneris p[ro]x[ima] post festu[m] Assu[m]ptio...' Philip Cayly was Mayor in 1442 (33a) and in 1347 before November (43a))
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

To John de Tryppelowe, rector of Herdewik, ? messuages, tree cottages, and a garden, abutting on the Nun's croft and highway. Witnesses: Phillip C(ayly, Mayor of Cambridge) (47a), John Vanasour, bailiff. Same scribe as 33a, 43a etc.

John d(icitur)

Gift of a house

Prioress Isabella of Sudbury, in consequence of complaints by Adam de Walsoken, vicar of St Clement's, to the Archbishop of Canterbury at his metropolitan visitation, about the fall in value of his rents and the burden of the annual payment of 5 marks to the nuns, assigns to the vicar a house in the cemetery of the said church to the east of the church, in perpetuity.

Isabella of Sudbury (fl 1402) Prioress of St Radegund

Gift with warranty (fragmentary)

  • JCMR/Gray 1- . . . 383/Gray 31-49/48c*
  • Item
  • 1342-December 1342 (Shortly before 48 and 48b*; same scribe. 'Dat' apud Cantebr' die Lune p[ro]x[ima] festu[m] s[an]c[t]i T_ (Anno regni Regis) Edwardi t[er]cii post conquestu[m] __mo)')
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

John le Gome, of Cambridge, to (John de) Trypellowe, rector of Herdewik, a messuage in Ragegund Lane with a garden adjacent to it. Witnesses: Bartholomew Morice, Mayor of Cambridge, John (Marschal?), John de Shadeworth, Richard de Weston, bailiffs, John Fryday et aliis.

Gome, John le

Indulgence of Thomas Arundel, at that time Bishop of Ely

  • JCMR/Gray 11-17/Gray 11-17/16
  • Item
  • 2 April 1376 (Dated 'Apud Dodyngton s[e]c[un]do die Aprilis, Anno Domini mill[es]imo CCCmo Septuagesimo sexto et nostro consecracionis s[e]c[un]do'.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

The Bishop grants indulgence of 40 days to all who contribute to the relief of the nuns on the occasion of the destruction of their dwellings and goods by fire. Written in Doddington.

Arundel, Thomas (1353-1414) Archbishop of Canterbury

Indulgence of William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury

  • JCMR/Gray 11-17/Gray 11-17/17
  • Item
  • 6 April 1390 (Dated 'in manerio nostro de Croydon sexto die mensis Aprilis Anno d[o]m[ini] mill[es]imo CCCmo Nonogesimo Et nostre translacio[n]is nono'.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

The Archbishop grants indulgence of 40 days to persons contributing to the relief of the nuns whose buildings have been ruined by violent storms. Written in the Manor of Croydon.

Courtenay, William (1342-1396) Archbishop of Canterbury

Letter of Roger de Skerning, Bishop of Norwich

The Bishop orders the clergy and laity of his diocese to make collections in his diocese for the repair of the church of St Radegund, damaged by the fall of the bell-tower. Written in Hoxne (??).

Skerning, Roger de

Seal of white and brown wax

  • JCMR/Add./Add. Seals 1-7/Add. Seals 3
  • Item
  • 1328-1349 (On the membrane strip attached to the seal is written (s xiv 2/4 handwriting) "... Rector de Reymerst..." The membrane must have belonged to John de Tryppelowe. He was rector of Reymerston between 1328 and 1342 and then rector of Hardwick until 1349.)
  • Part of Records of the Priory of St Mary and St Radegund

Seal of white and brown wax, central (brown) part bears impression of a human figure (St Radegund? a bishop?)

St Radegund's Priory (?)